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Structure and installation of mezzanine shelving

   Mezzanine shelving the overall structure is assembled without on-site welding, the

overall appearance, and generous. Compared to concrete or steel structure, the ground floor

of the shelf above the floor of the supporting role, has the advantages of low cost, high

utilization of space.
   The attic shelf panel plate, tread plate, perforated metal plate, and other varieties to

adapt to different requirements for fire prevention, ventilation, lighting, etc.. Goods up

and down the floor to select forklifts, hydraulic lifts, freight elevators, etc.; the same

floor of the cargo transport is usually small trolley to complete.
  Attic shelves usually carrying capacity of 300KG ~ 1000KG / square meter, column

selection, carrying capacity and less of steel tube; primary and secondary beam based on

bearer need to choose the most economical in steel construction reasonable H-shaped steel

and Saxony the company has developed special steel platform C cold roll forming beam.
  Saxony special C-type cold-formed molding tread plate or hollow board mezzanine shelving

floor selection panel, the use of the buckle plate structure with primary and secondary beam

steel fixed, the structural integrity of the entire platform is strong, according to actual

needs to choose a different floor panel to meet fire-fighting or anti-dust, anti-small

pieces fall requirements. Floor below also can be equipped with lighting systems

   The production and installation of mezzanine shelving very quick and easy, simple

assembly, no screws, specifications can be customized, multi-purpose tray for delivery of

goods, easy to use, medium and small enterprises to choose the preferred storage compartment

   Attic shelves placed on medium and small pieces of uniform product specifications, easy

sorting and pickup is convenient, fast, solid structure, this shelf bearing the weight

mostly in the layer bearing 800KG, this platform can save floor space, greatly reducing the

space waste, other specifications can be customized, this shelf in a larger amount of

logistics, factory enterprises, suitable for large and medium-sized warehouse.

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