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Hand the World Bank objects Fair from the inside out "green"
In the backdrop of the global energy crisis and the climate crisis, the field of logistics and transport, energy saving and technological innovation in the industry's sustainable development must

Road to be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 12-14 this year, in 2011 China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and transportation Expo

(Referred to as objects Fair), specifically the addition of green cargo exhibition, a number of logistics and transport companies and logistics equipment enterprises will introduce the energy saving and environmental protection side

The face of the latest measures, technology, equipment and services.

Politburo member in 2010, Guangdong Party Secretary Wang Yang, co-sponsored advocacy in Guangdong took the lead to start the green with World Bank President Robert Zoellick

Freight demonstration projects in the Ministry of Transport, the National Development and Reform Commission, the U.S. Commerce Department, World Bank, the Asian Clean Cities Plan of Action Center, United States

National Environmental Protection Agency, Department of the Australian aid, support and assistance of the Global Environment Facility, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Communications, Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, the

Co-sponsored by six ministries and agencies, units of the Information Commission, Public Security Bureau, Department of Environmental Protection of Guangdong green cargo exhibition will serve as a feature of the current objects Fair

The project is located to set inclusion Fair Green Cargo exhibition area.

Green freight demonstration projects to promote road freight industry in Guangdong Province to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the project total investment of 13.97 million

, The World Bank Global Environment Facility (GEF) grants accounted for 30%.
The project selection matter Expo platform held the launching ceremony, on display to promote one party

Side eyes on the international influence of the objects Fair also fancy green objects Fair main theme, the two have a common goal and direction.
This year the matter Bo

Not only has a green cargo exhibition area and green cargo demonstration project launching ceremony, there will be green cargo high-end forum, green freight million people signed

Name and series of activities.

Objects Fair jointly organized by the Ministry of Transport and the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government has developed to become the first in Asia, the world's second largest logistics and transportation

Transport Expo, this matter Expo exhibition area will reach a size of 60,000 square meters, is expected to more than 1,200 enterprises from over 50 countries around the world

Industry exhibitors, professional visitors exceeded 80 000 people, green freight demonstration projects in hand objects Fair, will make 2011 matter Expo in the world's Fan

Within the set off the green whirlwind.
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