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Storage equipment, network marketing of the Road
Continuous development in all walks of life today, slowly shelf industry also recognize the significance of the network marketing.Which the first company to recognize the importance of the network marketing can see their shadows, playing online sales platform, such as audio and Racking Avis shelf, shelf of the East of the tripod tiger shelf. Baidu and Google's search engine ranking, more companies have not satisfied with a simple auction advertising advertising competition, higher click costs, also contributed to rising costs. As a result, many companies started in the natural ranking optimization. Baidu search platform with a "shelf" search results that appear in front of up to more than 40 million, out now home businesses just only a few, remove Baidu own encyclopedia, pictures and news can businesses that appear on the home even less. Coupled with their own advertising on Baidu, the top few Anhui Sheng warehousing and other businesses can not appear in the position of the first screen, showing the natural rankings is considerable difficulty. While Baidu's ranking, the natural result of the Google ranking is more forward, but Google's optimization by adding more technical content, more difficult to optimize. So, what are we how to storage shelves class network marketing?
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