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shelf development trends in our country
Now the country has formed a region, the main supplier of the shelf are mostly concentrated in the developed cities of intensive urban and coastal population. For example: these cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Chongqing, Macau, Hong Kong. In recent years since the Beijing shelf development of the industry is also quite fast, Beijing shelves rely on its advanced technology in the country's highest-selling. The one hand, Beijing supply shelves (supermarket shelves, storage shelves, store shelves, stainless steel shelves, etc.), Beijing shelf prices are relatively low shelf Beijing reason sales have been high.

    Shelf regionalization is very clear. Shelf area shelves will shelf industry, commodity supply industry has been affected? The development of trade within the promotion of the international division of labor and professional development, improve the economies of scale of the manufacturers; to further promote investment and economic development, promote employment.

    Regional agreements, the stability of the expanding market, fierce competition and policy to stimulate investment, especially foreign direct investment, thereby increasing income and employment opportunities. The thrust of the many regional agreements led to the development of investment
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