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Maintenance and repair of the storage shelf items
Speaking of the maintenance of the storage shelves, and commonly used way is by wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment of equipment care

Thereby maintaining the basic performance and the technical state of the equipment. Nanjing Avis recent experience summary:
A commodity when stacked, regardless of items being installed, or in bulk, need in accordance with the specifications brand store to avoid the phenomenon of pick up when you take the wrong, to avoid confusion pickup the occurrence of errors, with an attachment of goods should be stored together and indicate not allow attachment loss. Stored together and indicate not allow attachment loss.
FCL goods can be stacked storage, the following have a stacking support facilities, a box full of goods to facilitate ventilation, for unboxing bulk commodities on the shelves, to facilitate ventilation, unpacking bulk goods To be placed on the shelf, packaged goods, cardboard boxes should be kept intact to avoid commodity loss. Cartons of goods should be kept intact to avoid the goods lost.
 The goods stored in the warehouse during the warehouse, to conduct regular inspections, inspections of goods before and after work every day, especially during the rainy season, but also to strengthen. After each inspection of goods, especially during the rainy season, but also to strengthen. Found a deterioration of packaging of goods damage, you should take timely measures to prevent the goods were damaged. Reasonable control of sunlight, ventilation of the goods; control sunlight, reasonable to ventilate the goods; to prevent rain and snow wet cargo timely drainage dehumidification; special cargo to take targeted measures in custody; take targeted storage of special cargo measures; fire, theft, to prevent the collapse of cargo pile; pest control rodent control rodent show; mildew in addition to the mold, kicked out of the deterioration of the goods; proper temperature control.
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