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Push back Racking


 Push-back racking is one of racking of high-density storage system,it is used for few species,large quantities of goods stored,the system is based on FILO,the goods placed in a tilted orbit,carrying trolley along the orbit,and the tray placed in the order of carrying trolley was pushed to the inner rack.Effective bit depth of 5 trays,pick up a tray when the first extraction,the next slide tray pick their own point of effective use of single-channel access,especially for transit cargo area storage management.
Push-back racking has the following characteristics:
For expensive storage warehouse unit area,such as cold warehouse,warehouse in the center of city.
Provide the selection of 20%-30%.
Safety and operational effciency are higher than drive in racking.
Improve the utilization rate of 60% compared with normal racing.
Push back racking components:
frame,beam,rail,carrying car
frame:it consists of two uprights,H-bracing,O-bracing and special bolt,nuts,section of upright is the same as pallet racking,so it can meet different loading capacity.The height of upright can be adjust at 75mm pitch.
beam:two clips and beam are welded together,In order to avoid the beam drop in unnormal powder,safety pin is designed and used for beam connector and upright.
rail:special desingning tube beam rail,in order to meet more-using carrying car,we deal with galavinization to the treatment of rail.
Carrying car:it is welded according to pallet size,wheel is installed at four corner,meanwhile,meet loading capacity.
pallet size  L800×W1200   L1000×W1200  L1200×W1200
carrying car 1 L800×W1200   L1000×W1200   L1200×W1200 
carrying car 2  根据导轨材料(热轧型钢或轧制型钢)决定
single pallet rack beam length  L=1200   L=1400   L=1600
double pallet rack beam length  L=2200   L=2600   L=3000



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