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Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile racking, is also called power pallet racking, it moves on the horizontal line through bottom motor equipment, commonly, just leave one channel distance to make forklift store and pick goods, as following drawing. Generally, we set up control or switch or remote equipment, and make the rack move within 30 seconds, the forklift could enter to pick and store cargos. Besides, this rack with frequency control capacity can control drive and the speed of stopping in order to prevent jitter, skew and dumping of goods. In proper place, equipped with photoelectric sensor localization of gear motors and brakes, improve positioning accuracy

a、larger storage than other racks, save warehouse space;            

b、High density storage, generally, each line rack can be composed of 4-8 groups rack, not too long and too high, the height is usually less than 6m, max 12m, specially suitable for low warehouse. Full use of area space, one of the highest density racks;

c、Suitable for the goods which are of small types, large quantity, not suitable for heavy goods;

d、Plan utilization rate is around 80%, space utilization rate is more than 80% with the change of pallet rack’s layout & the height of space;

e、Not under first in first out way limit, every cargo can be directly stored and picked as beam pallet racking, but because of few channels, although using motor drive equipment to separate the goods, the flow speed is still decreasing;

f、High cost, slow construction, a little complex to maintain.

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