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Drive In Racking

      Through racking is also known as Drive In Racking, which consists of frame, top beam, Top and back bracing,support bar and supporl rail . high-intensive structure, the distance between upright and upright connects together which rely on the top beam. the depth of racking is mainly composed of the bar and support rail, which  connects the frame together.  Usually it uses reach forklift or counterbalanced forklift to operate. when it strores or accesses pallets, forklift is operating which needs through the main channel into and out of library going into shelf storage channel.

Every storage channel and every column only place a unit goods of pallets, Single side depth of storage channel should be less than 8 pallets depth, double side depth should be less than 15 pallets to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access. Generally Unit weight of pallets of goods should be within the 1500kg, cargo truck size is within the 2000mm. Drive In Racking are characterized by high utilization of space, almost twice the pallet racking, applicable to less variety and large quantities of goods of access The way access of pallets is first-in last-out, unit the cost of goods position of this merchandise is less than pallet racking. But due to the pole can’t be install in the access path of drive in racking result in unsatisfactory shelf stability in shelf-period achieved, so the shelves is not suitable too high, commonly keep within 10m and keep the weight of unit goods of pallets not too larger.  Owing to the advantages in high storage capacity, so used in the sectors of dairy food, foodstuff, beverage, tobacco and so on, also more prevalent in cold storage.

   The relation between pallet specification and walk:
           The case top view:


      Frame: two uprights are connected by H&O bracing and nylon self-locking nut, which effectively avoids the instability of shelves after the bolt loose. Upright  punches diamond-shaped hole, the pitch of 75 mm , which means steel shelves can be adjusted 75mm up and down.

    The section of upright is composed of 11-13 surfaces, which has the advantages of a large moment of inertia, the strong bearing capacity and impact resistance and so on.. Because of the adaptation of the technology of first automatic punching and then cold roll forming, So completely avoids failure condition cracks that due to the stress concentration.


   Support bar:all composite structure.,  which avoids welding of stress,has a large moment of inertia,the strong bearing capacity,a good-look and so on. It is connected with upright with  special safety pin so that it can’t be come off when beam is impacted by external force. There are two kinds of bar: single-side bar(left single-side bar and right single-side bar) and double-side bar, single-side bar is arranged on both sides of the outermost of shelves. double-side bar is arranged in the middle part of shelves.  Top beam: it is welded by two hooks and square tubes together, this structure has the features of simple, reliable, light weight, strong bearing tension, the low cost, hook is connected with upright by bolts instead of safety pins which ensures that connections fastening between top beam and upright.
Support rail: it is cold-rolled forming, which any length can be supplied according to requirements, no joint, aesthetic appearance and  average load capacity.
   Upright protector connected
   with upright and C-guider rail

 名称          顶拉杆  背拦杆
 材料  圆管、C型钢、扁钢、圆钢  圆管、C型钢

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