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Entire pallet racking system

Entire pallet racking system: is also called warehouse-rack system, as the following drawing, the entire pallet racking doesn’t need to build separate warehouse,The upright of racking is to support the warehouse, generally used in AS/RS; the height is 6-40m. Since various factors to be considered when building entire pallet racking, the design, manufacturing and installation are put forward higher requirements. Entire AS/RS warehouse is logistic equipment and information equipment integration, which has rack system, cargo transport and access systems, automation control systems and management systems, fire alarm systems, utilities systems, weighing and dimensional inspection systems, picking systems, etc.
①、Suitable for the goods which are of many types, large quantity, not suitable for heavy goods;
②、The normal height is about 20m; max height is 40m, high store density, and bigger storage than other racks, fully use area space, one of highest density racks;

③、Machinery automation and quite high standardization contribute to maintaining product quality during storage, reduce the wastage rate of goods which also helps to establish standardized production model;

④、Because automatic controlling and managing, mechanization storage, transport, increase efficiency, save warehouse cost, in complex environment (such as harmful environment), Cargo access is also practical. Therefore, the economy, energy saving, security and other goals can be achieved;

⑤、Plan utilization rate is around 80%, space utilization rate is more than 80% with the change of pallet rack’s layout & the height of space;

⑥、Compared with separate AS/RS, lower cost and less installation time;

⑦、High cost, slow construction, a little complex to maintain

⑧、Widely used in manufacturing, logistics, distribution centers, warehouse stores and other fields.


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