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Three-dimensional automated warehouse system from the shelf, laneway overweight machine, rail stacker, conveyor systems, automated control systems, warehouse management systems and computer peripheral equipment which can be any access to the container unit of goods, storage, automated storage warehouse. Widely used in large-scale procurement of parts production enterprises warehouse, finished products warehouse circulation of large parts logistics center, parts center etc.  

 Has the following characteristics:
1. to run high-speed
2. Operation simple
3. diversified product storage
4. the full and effective use of space
5. significantly reduce the time the goods out of Kurdistan
6. inventory maintenance, maintenance quickly and accurately

   Racking system:
The use of automated warehouse rack is beams usually or through rack generally used in steel tray or plastic tray, carrying capacity, rigidity, bearing small items may be canceled if Beams, or cargo box instead of smaller beams, directly on the plastic box on the bracket, the access of goods from the automatic stacker
     Stacking Machine
Double-column structure, stable and reliable, vector variable frequency drive and the encoder position control, mechanical and electrical dual safety device, and ensure safety, the use of tracking technology information transfer rounder, electrical components are imported products, the touch screen section operation, and manual, semi-Manual, automatic and coordinated control, combined with a variety of logistics equipment to form a complete logistics system




 高度(m) height

 行走速度(m/min) speed

 备注 remark



























   Conveyor system:
Automated library storage areas before and after library, tray machine transport and delivery of goods, usually roller conveyor or chain conveyor,
      Automation control system:
with the top up, shifting the conversion load rotation device, easy pick up and delivery trucks stacking Machine a smooth transition between access
  Warehouse Management System:
System hardware components: a star network structure, the grid server, rf server, management, computer, adjust the rf out of storage terminals, base stations and handheld rf

数据库: MS SQL SERVER 2000X
  System software configuration:
Operating system: windows 2000x service
Datebase: MS SQL SERVER 2000X
Warehosue mangement software: WMS
Equipment controlling software: ECS
Bar code management software: RFS

Shuttle car market of large, complex automation an important part of the warehouse, so that high-level shelves, stacking machine should be standardized products,

 Capacity  50-150kg
 Speed  8-160米/每分钟
 Control  单车控制
 Positon system  5mm
 Power  3相,交流220/380v
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