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Long Span Shelving II

   It consists of frame,beam, footplates and other accessories, suitable for people to put and take the goods , Main characters : Cut-in composite structure, the shape of the beam is P ,compared with long span shelving I, the load capacity reaches to 600kg/ level, because the shelf is put on the beam, the span is small, even the same size racking, the capacity increases more . it is widely used in all kinds of lines. If you use the climb ladder, the height of rack can be more than 3000mm. this rack can be used alone or be arranged by row, especially used in Mezzanine racking . we can manufacture the goods according to client’s requirement.  


P-beam& tube beam load capacity list:

        frame: two uprights are connected by H &D bracing , thimble and bolts. The front of upright is punched two line holes, the pitch is 50mm, upright is composed of 7 faces, using the auto-punching  hole then cold bending  technology , completely avoiding the cracks which formed by concentrated force.  

  shelf: made of superior cold rolled plate , with W reinforcement ( the amount of reinforcement depends on load capacity) ,this shelf is closed to beam, the shape is beautiful, the character is that it is easy to replace and install, with a lower cost.  

Footplates(the height of upright is >2800 or used in mezzanine floor , the footplate is made of steel )

Three-upright shelf &beam structure:


  Beam : Two hooks are welded with beam pole together. The material of beam pole is special clod -rolled closed beam, this structure is simple and reliable ,weight is light, capacity is strong, the cost is low, there is safety pins between frame  and hook, so that  the beam can not fall down when something attracts.
  The installation of divider plate :  the leg of divider plate is fixed in the gab that between shelf and beam, the pitch of divider plate can be adjusted ,H=150/200, in order to assemble easily , the height is less than 1/2.

  This view just shows the quantity of H&O bracing,the length is based on real production.

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