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Light duty shelving

Cut-in composite structure,it is easy to assemble and disassemble.The shape is light and beautiful, and the goods can be stored and taken by people; the load capacity per level  150KG, it is usually used in electron light industry, culture and education industry etc.  
 light duty shelving

  It is composed of upright, corner pieces, block pins, plastic foot and steel shelf. The shelf is made of steel which can be adjusted by 50mm pitch.

Steel shelf: standard SPCC, according to the requirement s size,four sides are bended with reinforcement welded under the shelf. We use spot welding, this structure can save material, have good bearing. Surface is smooth, when width 600, 2 reinforcements welded.

 Reinforcement section:

The top and bottom steel decking are connected with upright by double corner piece and special bolts, so that the rack is stable.


Middle shelf is connected by 8 blocks, which is easy to install and disassemble.
  rivet boltless shelving
 It consists of upright, beam, plastic footing etc. The shelf can be equipped with chipboard, wire decking and steel. We can make the size as the customer s demand, it can be adjusted by 36mm pitch.  
upright & beam& chipboard
rivet boltless shelving beam
rivet boltless shelving upright
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